Free Final Notice

The form below is traditionally used to motivate your debtor to pay. This demand is FREE OF CHARGE and no commission will be applicable where successful. If the debtor does not pay 10 days after the date this demand is sent, Express Debt Collection is authorised to begin in house collection proceedings on a no collect – no charge basis at the following rates:

arrow-1 Debts under 3 months 5% To a maximum charge of £250 final notice stamp
arrow-1 Debts 3 > 6 months old 10% To a maximum charge of £500
arrow-1 Debts over 6 months old 10% To a maximum charge of £750
arrow-1 International Debts 15% No Maximum

When this document is emailed to your debtor, a copy is automatically sent to you and Express Debt Collection. No further action is required by you unless you receive a payment, then simply send us an email and we will not pursue the debt. If we do not hear from you, we will contact your debtor directly on the above basis.

Name/ Company: * Contact Name: * Email Address: * Final Notice All fields marked with * are required Date: Reference Number: Telephone Number: From: To: Debtor Name: Debtor Address: Debtor Post Code: Debtor Email: * Debtor Tel No: * Our records indicate that you have not yet made settlement of the accounts as details below. We trust you will see the advantage of making settlement immediately, thus avoiding added expense and unnecessary inconvenience should further action be required. It should also be noted that should this notice be ignored we will instruct Express Debt Collection, our collection agents, for further handling. Title: Title: Statement Invoice Date Invoice # £ Invoice Amount Title: Total Due: