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By instructing us as your debt collection agency, litigation will be the last resort in collecting a debt. We resolve the majority of cases without resorting to the legal system, however if a debtor refuses to pay your next step should be instructing a third party demand letter.

Remember creditors often wait until the account is too old and non-collectable and as a result debtors tend to do what creditors lead them to believe they can get away with. Act NOW.

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Express Debt Collection is located in North West London. We have been successfully collecting outstanding commercial debts worldwide since the 1960’s. We rely on highly professional methods to collect outstanding debts. If you have any type of debt collection issues, I’m sure we can provide the solution.

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  • Full Debt Collection Service
  • International Debt Collection
  • Credit Control
  • Company Reports
  • Statutory Demands
  • Free Debt Collection Letter

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the cheque sent to me recently in settlement of that large outstanding school fee account, which had been of particular concern to me for about a year, has been cleared by the bank.

A.G Wynn, School Bursar, Eton College

Extremely Ethical and Highly Professional

Express Debt CollectionWe view our trade as a true profession. As a result, our skills are constantly improving. We have proved time and again that our polite but professional and persuasive methods are far more successful than resorting to threatening tactics.